Locally Sourced Texas Beef

At Knife Steakhouse, we are proud to be Texas born and strive to support our local ranchers and farmers. All the steaks sold at Knife are sourced locally whereas many other steakhouses outsource their meat from all over the country. Knife is dedicated to relying on local distributors and farmers. We get the majority ofour meats from right here in Texas and from farmers who have an exceptional reputation. But that’s not all. The quality of the meats these farmers provide us with are unparalleled.

Why Choose Local Meats?

In a day and age where you can get anything you want from anywhere in the world, we take pride in supporting local farmers. To us, quality is absolutely everything. This is why we have spent countless hours working with farmers to ensure we only receive the best steaks in the world. Four-time James Beard nominee and two-time “Top Chef” contestant John Tesar is the driving force behind this effort to remain Texas grown. We are extremely honored to work with the farmers we do. It is our hope that every single person who dines at Knife can see that through the exceptional product we carry.

About the Ranchers & Farmers

Chef Tesar has worked tirelessly to build relationships with local Texan ranchers and farmers in order to get the best sourced meats available.

We encourage you to learn more about each of these farms to get a better idea of why we are so proud to carry their product.

We know that you have a choice when it comes to dining out here in Texas, but Knife Steakhouse isn’t your typical restaurant. By melding fine dining with classic Texas roots, we have created an atmosphere and dining experience that is both comfortable and elevated. Our menu features locally raised beef, pork, and lamb in premium dry-aged cuts. We want to showcase the meat itself, rather than masking it with too many ingredients. This is why we only cook our meat in cast iron skillets and customary steakhouse broilers with Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. The meat is the star, after all.

Don’t take our word for it, come into Knife Steakhouse today and see what Texas local meat is all about.

Some Ranchers & Farmers We Support: